Twitch Town Hall Recap, PAX West 2018

PAX West 2018: Twitch Town Hall Recap

We had an amazing time at PAX West meeting up with so many of you and getting a first look at the big games that are coming our way! One of the great panels we were able to attend in person was the Twitch Town Hall, where so many exciting updates for the platform went down.

You can view the full VOD here, but we’ve broken down some of the key highlights on the latest with Twitch for you here. We’ve got you!


Twitch Creator Camp

The town hall started by highlighting the Twitch Creator Camp, which is an amazing resource for new and aspiring content creators. It’s packed with 16 articles with advice from top streamers on Twitch and with more content being continuously added. They also are offering live sessions with streamers on specific topics related to improving your stream. In addition to regularly scheduled sessions, Creator Camp shows will be scheduled throughout the full TwitchCon 2018 weekend (Oct. 26-28).


Discovery Updates

For the past two years Twitch has been making design adjustments in an effort to make the channel page easier to navigate and allow viewers to learn more about a channel quicker. Impressively, those updates helped double the amount of panel views and increased link clicks as well (good news if you are pushing to partner or social sites)!

Twitch has now also provided the ability to minimize the left panel on the page – giving even more real-estate to the stream feed and the information that highlights what each individual streamer is about.

In the process of page updates, the follow and subscribe buttons will be moving from the left panel on to another area of the page and the stream title will always be visible!

For more information on Twitch platform updates and development, you can visit link.twitch.tv/discoveryupdates


What Counts for Viewcount?

There was some discussion on what constitutes a ‘viewer’ on your Twitch viewcount. We now have confirmation that the viewcount consists of the number of people being delivered video – which does include logged out viewers but does not include bots. The viewer list simply reflects the people that are connected to the chat.


‘Subtember’ is BACK!

If you’ve been fortunate enough have any active gifted subscriptions, this month you can extend those subs for only $1 (that’s 80% off!). The nice thing is the streamers still get paid for the full sub price, so your support goes a long way! Check the Twitch blog for more Subtember info.


Twitch Unity

One thing we love about Twitch is that they celebrate diversity and inclusiveness. Case in point was their ‘Twitch Unity’ efforts throughout Pride Month. After releasing global ‘Pride’ emotes and cheermotes on the platform, they were used over 9 MILLION times. That’s a lot of love! They also created a unique Equality campaign on the Amazon Store, raising over $25K for the Human rights campaign from merch sales. Twitch is planning on having more Unity initiatives and there will be more planned for TwitchCon as well!


Merch! Merch! Merch!

Pax West 2018 gave us the first-ever Twitch merch booth in the US outside of a TwitchCon, where they featured exclusive GGWP limited-edition shirts and a rose-gold Twitch pin.

More than 40 new merch items are slated to be at TwitchCon next month, making it the biggest merch release to date. If you bleed purple this is a great time to get your hands on new hoodies, pullovers, sweatpants, shorts, drinkware, headware, pins and dog products (yes, dogs love Twitch, too)!




We love Twitch’s commitment to improving the platform and serving streamers and their community. We can’t wait to see what’s in store at TwitchCon next month!

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