Mortal Kombat 11 Release and New Twitch Channel!

We broke in our new office space (yeah, we have a new office!) last week with a Mortal Kombat 11 release party among some of our good friends and local influencers. Nothing like going head-to-head with some classic MK brawls full of over-the-top gore and, let’s be honest, pausing to see what “Fatality” combos are available.

Since we had great streamers and content creators like Qeuw, TheChief1114, Bucklington, Kahlief Adams and more in the building, we fired up a couch stream on our new Twitch channel: twitch.tv/influencerstuff . Check out the VOD to see what went down, including in-stream challenges like playing blindfolded, playing with one hand, and having to open a bag of Wilde chips mid-battle!

Also pssst…In addition to bringing you coverage from cool events like this, we’re also building out dedicated streaming stations within the office for use by our team and of course the creators we represent when they make the trip to InfluencerStuff HQ. More on this soon.

Big shoutout to our amazing sponsors who made this event a success including Discord, Displate, Figpin, and Rogue Ales. Thanks to them we also sent our guests packing with some high-tier loot.

Good luck fighting your way to the top this week!

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