Community at the Core of Creating

As creators, community is our lifeblood. They are our audience, our supporters, and our champions who lift us and each other up. Even with amazing content, with no community you’re looking at a “if a tree falls in the woods…” kind of scenario. So what are the common types of creator communities and how can you help them thrive?

Types of Communities

There are two primary types of content creator communities:

  • “Shared Interest” Communities –  A quick path to starting a community from the ground up is to center your content on a specific theme/niche, attracting people with similar interests. Examples of this could be a shared interest in a type of game, genre, music, movies, teams, topic, inspirations, goals, lifestyles, or struggles. Putting out content that all centers around a common theme will naturally draw people looking for that type of content to you.
  • “Personal Brand” Communities – There are also communities that are centered on the creator themselves. While the content focus may change, YOU are the common theme that people keep coming back for regardless of the theme, game, genre, etc.

That being said, there are communities that can have a mixture of both of these qualities.

How to Strengthen Your Community

You’ve put in the work to create a solid audience that regularly consumes your content. How do you keep it thriving? Some quick tips:

  • Create a Hub – If you don’t have a Discord server yet (what?!) go get one. This gives you a direct point of contact with your community outside of your platform of choice and provides a space to interact with each other and build relationships.
  • Support Your Community – Often times your community members will also be creators in the same medium. They show love to you, so return the favor by being a part of their journey when you can by taking notice of their content and getting to know them. Try to stop by when they are streaming, leave a comment on their video, interact with them on social media. A little bit goes a long way.
  • Collaborate – Working with other people in your space who you vibe well with can help add value to your community, and expose you to other potential community members. Collaborating with people within your community further strengthens your relationships and can spark excitement amongst your direct audience.
  • Take Feedback – Asking your community what they want to see and then putting it into action is a powerful thing, as it shows them that they have a voice and are truly a part of the process. If you’re a YouTube creator, you can look like a mind-reader by using community comments to spark ideas for upcoming content.
  • Get Personal – While comfort levels here may vary, a willingness to share things about your daily life and interests beyond creating helps make more authentic connections and better relationships. This will also encourage others within your community to share more, keeping things active and vibrant.

What special things do you do to foster community and create your own distinct culture?

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