Big Moments and Standouts from E3 2019

Nothing like a few days at E3 to get energized about the future of gaming and entertainment. We had an amazing time down in LA meeting with creators and brands, and soaking in as much of the digital eye-candy as we could. E3 is always one of our favorite events of the year because it […]

Pricing, Partnerships and Playing the Long Game

Creators have more control over their brand relationships and agreements than they might think. As influential individuals who have spent years honing their craft and building a loyal and engaged audience, many brands want to tap into your content and community. Still, when it comes to negotiating deals and sponsorship campaigns, the way you price […]

Discord Unveils Games Platform and Nitro Updates

Discord Unveils Games Platform and Nitro Updates   So many of us always (always) have a tab open to Discord. It’s not only a place to flex your GIF skills, it’s also the hub of our communities – a unifying place for connecting with friends, fans, supporters, and peers. At this point, it’s hard to […]

InfluencerStuff Is Headed To PAX West 2018!

InfluencerStuff is Headed to PAX West 2018! The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) West 2018 convention is this weekend, and we get hyped every time we have a chance to attend. We’re looking forward to joining the masses in Seattle to be part of the excitement surrounding what’s next in videogames, board games, film, and pop […]

Networking Online: Spoiler: Be A Nice Person

Networking Online: Spoiler: Be A Nice Person For many content creators, our strength lies in the creative process. As the lifeblood to our brand presence and our communities, the act of creating, making, or broadcasting is central to what we do – and rightfully so. But it’s the amplification and awareness of what we do that […]