Big Moments and Standouts from E3 2019

Nothing like a few days at E3 to get energized about the future of gaming and entertainment. We had an amazing time down in LA meeting with creators and brands, and soaking in as much of the digital eye-candy as we could. E3 is always one of our favorite events of the year because it draws so much of the industry together for an exciting moment in time, and we get to reconnect with some of our favorite people.

In case you missed it, the heavy-hitters made some big announcements during E3:

A few experiences throughout the expo really caught our eye, including:

The Facebook Gaming booth had full days of amazing live programming from E3, including interviews and presentations from studios, brands, and people within the gaming industry, and livestreams from Facebook Gaming creators. It was an impressive and ambitious effort by the team and a premium experience for viewers both in attendance and watching from home.

Fortnite showed up in a BIG way on the E3 floor with neon lights, costumed dancers and a wide range of Fortnite-flavored action. Within their booth was a full-sized Battle Bus, multiple stations for playing the game, and even a blow-up obstacle experience they dubbed ‘Jump Royale’. They also killed it with their merch and giveaways, and it was a common sight to see attendees walking around with their foam Fortnite pickaxes!

After a rocky launch, Fallout 76 seems to be doubling down on improving and expanding the game to breath life back into it. We got a chance to play their new 52-player battle royale mode, Nuclear Winter, and had a great time with it! This is a free expansion for all Fallout 76 players, and we’ll be interested to see how the community responds to these new developments.

If you were at E3, you couldn’t miss the hype or presence for Borderlands 3. Huge lines of attendees were rewarded with a screening video of the franchise’s core improvements (like deeper customizations to the skill trees, enemy variations, charms and aesthetic customizations, and more) and were treated to a 20-minute hands-on demo of the game. Our only complaint was not being able to play it all day.

Enjoy some pics from our trip and if you made it to E3, let us know what your favorite part of the convention was!

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