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What We Do

From algorithm changes to demonetization of content, income can be erratic and unstable for content
creators. That is why we created InfluencerStuff. To help bridge the gap between brands and influencers in order to provide more options for creators to make money doing what they love.

InfluencerStuff has connections with big name companies in a variety of industries. This ensures our
influencers always have access to numerous opportunities. InfluencerStuff is different than other companies in this field, as we put the influencers first. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not take a percentage of the influencer’s content revenue. Our pay is strictly based on the opportunities we provide.

From being influencers ourselves, to helping a network of other content creators, InfluencerStuff has
come a long way. We look forward to working hard to better the industry and those in it.

Brands We've Worked With

Work We've Done


Razer Phone and PUBG Mobile

We assisted Razer in finding and managing a few key influencers to promote Razer’s new cellphone. This was done by showcasing the phone’s capability to play PUBG Mobile with no issues. This campaign resulted in over 500,000 views within the first month!


Battlerite Season 1

We worked diligently with Stunlock Studios to ensure their Season 1 launch was a success. 17 of our influencers drove over 30,000 sign-ups throughout the campaign!


Nvidia Series 10 laptop

InfluencerStuff teamed up with MoreYellow to promote Nvidia's new Series 10 laptop. Two of our influencers competed in a series of 1v1 competitions to showcase the laptop's gaming capabilities. These integrations generated over 150,000 views in just 3 weeks!

LF Gaming

LF Gaming Stealth Chair

InfluencerStuff helps manage LF Gaming’s social media, influencer procurement, and live event planning. We have also successfully aided the launch of two new products, the Mach I and Mach II.

Client Testimonials

Andy Lunique | Business Development
"InfluencerStuff is one of the few groups that understand how an influence campaign should really run. Any conversation with the team gives you the confidence that they understand the talent and not just their numbers. We need more companies that think like they do."
Khang Thai | Manager, Global Marketing and Esports, Mobile
"Working with Richard and his team of high-profile influencers drove a ton of engagement online with our target audience. We got a huge spike in traffic to our website, a significant boost in sales, and expect to work with Richard and the InfluencerStuff team again real soon."
Johan Ilves | Marketing Director
"Richard’s network of influencers all performed excellently and were an important part of a successful marketing campaign for Battlerite. During the campaign the game’s CCU increased to over three times more than average. We're looking forward to work with InfluencerStuff again."

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